Jalupro products are designed in our laboratories in Switzerland, researching technologically advanced for the health and beauty of your skin. All our products are clinically tested and distributed in over 20 countries
We lose 1% collagen every year
From the age of 25 the collagen decline phase begins, causing the first signs of aging to appear. In fact, every year our body loses about 1% of collagen causing a deterioration of connective tissues, skin and hair.
Beauty comes from within
Amino acid supplementation has been shown to support collagen production directly in the deep layers of the skin, making dietary supplementation a key component of any anti-aging routine.

Maggiore elasticità


Maggiore lucentezza

Eliminazione delle rughe

Jalupro Drink vs Cream and Compresse


Jalupro Drink Amino Acids
Thanks to the precise composition of amino acids and the liquid formulation, Jalupro Drink has a very high bio-availability (absorption rate greater than 80%)


Collagen tablets
Collagen tablets have poor bio-availability and much of the collagen is wasted (30-40% absorption rate)
The difference between collagen and amino acid supplements
If you're wondering what the difference is between taking amino acids versus taking collagen, here's an explanation of what works best and why.

Il collagene non può essere direttamente assorbito dall'organismo ma deve essere prima digerito, rendendolo parzialmente bio-disponibile (meno del 20%)

Jalupro Drink Amminoacidi contiene solamente l’esatta composizione di amminoacidi di cui l’organismo ha bisogno per produrre collagene, massimizzandone l’assimilazione e i risultati ottenibili.

Gli amminoacidi vengono assorbiti rapidamente dall'organismo fornendoti risultati più rapidamente

Cutting-edge solutions
Thanks to years of research, our amino acids are some of the best you can find on the market. Each of our solutions is also tested to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.
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